"Presentation Rule Index 100" by Tomohiro YOSHIFUJI and Yudai SHIBUYA

                                                                                                  DAIWASHOBO Inc.

Full of TIPs of presentation by 2 professionals; Presentation Designer Fuji and Product Evangelist Yudai Shibuya.

- How to make story of your presentation

- To keep your audience awake

- Smart way to make your chart efficient

- Quick layout on your presentation screen


100 quick rules make your presentation more effective and impressive.

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Best Prezi Design Book in Japan!

Describing how to use / design Prezi presentation. This book covers from the basic skills of Prezi Next to the advanced settings, making scenarios and preparing graphic parts which makes your Prezi amazing.


Over 300 pictures helps you to learn Prezi design smoothly.

"Prezi Design Book" by Tomohiro YOSHIFUJI

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